Attachment 1530381960.9952786 m  t image


  • Cew43embdldqkdhzayau

    The Farmstand Box


    Our weekly, hyper-seasonal Farmstand Box provides an easy foundation for local eating throughout the week, even when you can't make it to the Farmer's Market. The Farmstand Box is part produce, part pantry staples, and 100% local. The contents will evolve weekly as the seasons progress, with a few mainstays (details below).

    ADD-ONS (Choose multiple)
    ADD GIFT BOX $20.00
    Box Type (Choose 1)
  • Qgalhibndlikwutcembw

    Local Protein Box


    A curated selection of our favorite animal proteins from Nashville's local food community to stock your freezer!

    Size (Choose 1)
    LARGE $50.00
  • Vijfz1jhzcmloeto9gdo

    Weekend BREAKFAST Box (DIY)


    Whether you are hosting a simple gathering or just like having a few special treats on hand for the weekend, our Weekend Breakfast Box is a DIY approach to a delicious weekend.

    Pastry Filling (Choose 1)
    Three Cheese
  • Yempuuqnr8efjrpgmcy0

    Weekend BRUNCH Box (for entertaining)


    Our Weekend Brunch Box is geared towards entertaining and will put a beautiful spread on your table without even breaking a sweat.

    Pastry Filling (Choose 1)
    Three Cheese
    Additional ½ dozen pastries (Choose multiple)
    Cinnaroll $26.00
    Sausage/Cheese $26.00
    Three Cheese $26.00
  • Attachment 1547495668.2478018 m  t image

    Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen


    Serves: 6
    Cook time: 30 minutes

    Gluten Free.

  • Attachment 1544676129.7255743 m  t image

    Roasted Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Kale Sheet-Pan Salad


    This easy & healthy dinner will become a weeknight favorite!
    Serves: 4
    Cook time: 30 minutes prep, 30 minutes cook time

    Family Favorite. Keto. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

  • Attachment 1547494230.0721855 m  t image

    Baked Potato Soup (Winter Soup Wednesday)


    Serves: 4-6
    Cook time: 30 minutes

    Family Favorite. Gluten Free.

  • Attachment 1546889003.6805768 m  t image

    Winter Kale Salad with Ricotta Salata, Pine Nuts, & Pomegranate Seeds


    Serves: 6
    Cook time: 10 minutes

    Family Favorite. Keto. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

    Optional Add-ons (Choose 1)
    1-1.25 lb. organic chicken breasts (Hippo Hollow Farm) $16.00
  • Malqf64gi7ktcueaqbot

    Aloha Fish Tacos with Salsa Verde con Aguacate (Taco Tuesday)


    Servings: 4
    Cook time: 20 minutes

    Pescatarian. Gluten Free.

    Rancho Gordo Beans (Choose multiple)
  • Attachment 1547587963.7669106 m  t image

    Triple Mustard Salmon


    An easy and nutritious weeknight dinner, ready in 20 minutes with almost no mess in the kitchen! Simply add a baguette and good cheese to round out this simple meal.

    Serves: 4
    Cook time: 20 minutes

    Pescatarian. Keto.

  • Attachment 1544483111.829229 m  t image

    Weekly Roast Chicken with Lemon and Garlic


    Serves: 4-6
    Cook time: 1 hour

    A no-fail roast chicken recipe from Bon Appetit! Perfect to have on hand for an easy, hands-off dinner during the week.

    Family Favorite. Keto. Gluten Free.

    Optional add-ons (Choose multiple)
    Baguette $4.00
    ¾ lb. salad greens $9.00
  • Attachment 1543270567.32873 m  t image

    Yogurt Cornbread with Heirloom “Bloody Butcher” Corn from Hill & Hollow Farm


    Serves: 6-8
    Cook time: 45 minutes

  • Attachment 1543272106.9414003 m  t image

    My New Roots Life-Changing Loaf of Bread


    A flourless, high protein, high fiber, gluten-free bread that uses whole grains, nuts and seeds! Simply add water & oil to our dry ingredients pack, stir, and bake! Photo & recipe: My New Roots

    Serves: 1 loaf
    Bake time: 1 hour (mix and let sit overnight before baking)

    Keto. Vegan. Family Favorite. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

  • Egreah5lonasafzcvz1u

    Kimchi Fried Rice


    Servings: 4
    Cook time: 30 minutes

    Gluten Free.

  • Attachment 1539743054.9087243 m  t image

    Healthy (& Easy!) Apple Muffins


    Serves: Makes 12 muffins, only slightly sweetened
    Cook time: 30 minutes (simple enough for kids)

    Family Favorite. Vegetarian.

    Wise Butter Add-on: (Choose multiple)
    Honey Cinnamon Butter $8.00
    Sweet Potato Praline $8.00
  • H2lfxkxmdgkwqwgqcnbe

    Fajita Bundle


    Servings: 4
    Cook time: 30 minutes
    An easy fajita night at home!

    Family Favorite. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

    Dairy (Choose multiple)
    4 oz. Noble Springs Dairy Feta $6.50
    Tortillas (Choose 1)
    Non-gmo Corn
    Protein (Choose 1)
    Hippo Hollow Farm Chicken Breasts $4.00
    Short Mountain Culture Tempeh
    Bells Bend Grassfed Beef
  • Jky0oyvpsookbmgvb77y

    Pasta Night


    Servings: 4
    Cook time: 15 minutes

    Family Favorite. Vegetarian.

    Optional Add-ons (Choose multiple)
    Choose Sauce (Choose 1)
    Café Nonna Marinara
    Coco's Italian Market Marinara
  • Attachment 1544675964.5641103 m  t image

    Rancho Gordo Super Lucky 2019 Black-eyed Peas


    For the best luck, Southerners know that black-eyed peas on New Year's day mean good luck in the coming year. Easy to make and easy to enjoy. Very limited production.

    Vegan. Family Favorite. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

  • R9qgw7c10ldm32hkrdks

    Baguettes (Dozen Bakery)


    A little taste of France for your week!

  • Attachment 1540415447.1251178 m  t image

    This Week's Lettuce Mix (available from several local farms)


    Our winter salad mix coming is from an assortment of local farms.... Rally House Farms, Our Farm on Mount Olivet, Sweeter Days Farms, Greener Roots Farm, and Bells Bend Farm. Sold in ¾ pound bags, harvested to order!

  • Attachment 1530476059.4365585 m  t image

    Seasonal Pies from Dozen Bakery


    A decadent sweet treat for your table made with organic and local ingredients. Choose from seasonal flavors below!

    FLAVORS (Choose 1)
    Lemon Lavender
    Chocolate Cream
    Bourbon Cherry
  • Attachment 1543330731.3209152 m  t image

    Gift Cards


    Purchase gift cards for a meal kit subscription or in $25 increments that can be used for Prepared Foods and Marketplace items. Please let us know at checkout if you would like an electronic gift card sent to the recipient (please specify email) or a physical gift card delivered (please specify address).

    SIZE (Choose 1)
    $25 gift card
    $50 gift card $25.00
    $75 gift card $50.00
    $100 gift card $75.00
    $150 gift card $125.00
    $200 gift card $175.00
  • Attachment 1539113026.517776 m  t image

    Turkey Ricotta Meatballs with Classic Marinara


    Servings: 4
    Cook time: Reheat and serve

    Family Favorite. Keto. Gluten Free.

    ADD-ONS: (Choose multiple)
  • Wv7wmgahvzqd4ilakhwn

    Grassfed Beef Meatballs & Marinara


    Servings: 4
    Cook time: Reheat and serve

    Family Favorite. Gluten Free.

    ADD-ONS: (Choose multiple)
  • Attachment 1531794342.6976187 m  t image

    Sausage & Biscuits


    8 pastured pork breakfast sausage patties from Hippo Hollow Farm (or Tennessee Grassfed) paired with 8 Southern biscuits from CaityPies. Ready to bake/cook and serve!

    Family Favorite.

  • Xcl7i6abdbhmhvkswt6y

    Bao Buns from Bao Down Nashville (6-pack)


    Spice up your weeknights with a little Chinese street food! Nashville's favorite dim sum from Bao Down are available in packs of 6, ready to steam and eat.

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Char Siu (BBQ pork)
    Curry Chicken
  • Z67yfwmu1b5smsn6lxcn

    Chicken Pot Pie


    Servings: 6-8
    Cook time: 60-90 minutes (arrives frozen)

    Family Favorite.

    ADD-ONS: (Choose multiple)
    WOODEN GIFT BOX $15.00
  • Anjt5bcanirulbojsdok

    Breakfast Pie (Quiche!)


    Servings: 6-8
    Cook time: Reheat and serve (can also be frozen)

    Family Favorite. Vegetarian.

    ADD-ONS (Choose multiple)
    WOODEN GIFT BOX $15.00
    Choose Filling (Choose 1)
    Seasonal Vegetable
    Bacon & Cheese $2.00
  • Attachment 1546994113.2024415 m  t image

    Savory Hand Pies (CaityPies)


    We are so excited to add Cait's amazing handpies to our offerings, available as a quick and delicious "go to" option for breakfast and school lunches. Each variety is sold by the half dozen (6) with two options available:

    Family Favorite.

    Choose Filling (Choose 1)
    Pepperoni Pizza Pocket (6)
    Bacon, Egg, & Beer Cheese (6)
  • Attachment 1546994576.791546 m  t image

    AB&J No-Crustable Handpie (Gluten free, paleo, keto)


    We are so excited to add Cait's amazing handpies to our offerings, available as a quick and delicious "go to" option for breakfast, school lunches, and afternoon snacks. Sold by the half dozen.

    Family Favorite. Keto. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

  • Attachment 1546994809.8602118 m  t image

    Strawberry Daquiri Pop Tart (gluten free & vegan)


    A gluten free AND vegan pastry treat from CaityPies.... the classic strawberry pop tart made with a GF flour mix, coconut oil, housemade low-sugar organic strawberry jam, and rum royal icing. Sold by the half dozen.

    Vegan. Family Favorite. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

WELLNESS (Let food be thy medicine)
  • Attachment 1546624002.5124066 m  t image

    Golden Spice Blend (with recipe card)


    Kick the new year off with a healthy winter toddy ritual, a warm cup of Golden Milk. Our custom spice blend is made using organic spices and provides anti-inflammatory and ayurvedic healing benefits. Each spice tin contains roughly 12-16 servings and includes a recipe card for a simple preparation. Spice blend can also be used as an addition to smoothies, overnight oats, yogurts, baking projects, and more. (Ingredients: turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, star anise, coriander)

  • Attachment 1546625046.7346294 m  t image

    Winter Wellness Box


    Boost your immunity with a winter wellness box from Nashville’s local food community! Or know someone who needs a little extra support in getting over a cold or the flu? Our Wellness Box makes is a wonderful "healing" gift.

    Select Bone Broth (choose 2) (Choose multiple)
    Organic Chicken (Warren's Post)
    Organic Beef (Warren's Post)
    Turmeric Ginger Chicken (Remedy Bone Broth) $1.00
    Vegan Mushroom (Remedy Bone Broth) $1.00
    Optional Add-ons (Choose multiple)
    CBD Bath Bomb (Ology Essentials) $12.00
    6oz. Bee Pollen (Queen Bee Pollinators) $12.00
  • Attachment 1544196578.0135293 m  t image

    Turmeric Salve (Yuyo Botanics)


    From Yuyo Organics (at Six Boots Collective in Bells Bend), this Turmeric + Hemp Salve is their own version of 'tiger balm' applied directly to the skin. The formulation works best with tackling inflammation, sore muscles, aching joins and helps with muscle recovery post workout. The salve is made with organically grown hemp extract, turmeric, cayenne, menthol, aloe and other essential oils. No soy, no fillers. We recommend you use it directly on aching joints and muscles. Not recommended for facial use.

  • Attachment 1544197294.0430198 m  t image

    AM Formula (Yuyo Botanics)


    From Yuyo Organics (at Six Boots Collective in Bells Bend), this tincture can be used to manage aches and pains, to reduce anxiety, and to maintain overall wellness. There are 300mg of our cannabinoid extract in each 30ml tincture bottle of our AM Formula. The AM tincture is formulated with organically grown hemp extract, ashwagandha root, peppermint and lemon, and is perfect for daytime use. Yuyo suggests use of about 10mg, twice a day. One droplet of AM contains .5mg of cannabinoid extract. This bottle provides about a 30-day supply dependent upon how often it's taken.

  • Attachment 1544196841.9125144 m  t image

    PM Formula (Yuyo Botanics)


    From Yuyo Organics (at Six Boots Collective in Bells Bend), this tincture can be used to aid sleeping*, to manage chronic pain* and migraines*, and to maintain overall wellness. The PM tincture is formulated with organically grown hemp extract, sweet orange and hops, and is perfect for evening use. Yuyo suggests use of about 30mg, one in the evening. One droplet of PM contains 1.5mg of cannabinoid extract, making 20 droplets your evening dose (about 1/2 dropper-full). This bottle provides about a 30-day supply dependent upon how often it's taken.

  • Attachment 1544505548.515118 m  t image

    Just Breathe Isolate Bath Bomb (Ology Essentials)


    Each Ology Essentials Just Breathe Isolate Bath Bomb contains 66 mg of Hemp CBD from industrial hemp and is made with pure unadulterated essential oils. The Just Breathe essential oil blend is designed for all those moments that take your breath away.

  • Attachment 1544505634.1927917 m  t image

    Active Isolate Bath Bomb (Ology Essentials)


    Each Ology Essentials Active Isolate Bath Bomb contains 66 mg of Hemp CBD from industrial hemp and is made with pure unadulterated essential oils. The Active essential oil blend is designed to keep you moving no matter what level of physical activity you maintain.

  • Bo4l52bulwbseehgnita

    Coconut Kefir


    A jar full of magic!

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Coconut Kefir
    Golden Milk Coconut Kefir $1.00
  • Q1yudsxa1qxyidllf6ql

    Vegetable Ferments - Short Mountain Cultures


    Veggie ferments from Short Mountain Cultures, 15 oz. jars

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Tennessee Sauerkraut
    Gold Zinger Kraut
  • S0dj9dhsfiqzxioqlxev

    Warren's Post - Organic Bone Broth


    Made using organic chicken, beef, turkey and bison bones from Middle Tennessee! Sold in 1 quart bags, frozen.

    Product (Choose 1)
  • Attachment 1540309210.4484966 m  t image

    Remedy Bone Broth


    Flavored bone broth, perfect for sipping or as a base for soups. (1 quart)

    Flavor (Choose 1)
    Hot Chicken
    Ginger Turmeric Chicken
    Vegan Mushroom
  • U959gccgowu2vfef3pgt

    Elderberry Syrup (Warren's Post)


    Elderberry syrup has been used throughout history to provide a boost to the immune system and to ward off illness. The syrup lasts approximately 3 months in the refrigerator and is available in 8 ounce bottles.

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Regular (with honey)
    Maple Syrup
  • Umjked7w6qx7ezkve1qi

    Tennessee Bee Pollen (Queen Bee Pollinators)


    Bee pollen is often referred to as nature's most complete food, a superfood that can boost energy, alleviate allergy symptoms, and combat wrinkles all at the same time. Available in 6 ounce jars.

  • Attachment 1530474415.0028608 m  t image

    Fresh, Local Farm Eggs


    1 dozen organic, local farm eggs sourced from a variety of farms- Hippo Hollow Farm, Fresh & Local, No. 9 Farms

  • Rlkhuu0juq15ork0cyak

    Beef - Bells Bend Grassfed or Tennessee Grass Fed


    Properly finished, grassfed beef has as much fat and flavor as grain-finished. And those omega-3s you're looking for? They're in the grassfed fat! Unlike with factory farming, weights for steaks and roasts fluctuate. If necessary, we will adjust the price with a credit or additional charge once we have actual weights for any cuts ordered.

    Choose cut (Choose 1)
    Roast (2.5 lb.) $13.00
    2 NY Strip (1 lb.) $13.00
    2 Ribeye (1.5 lb.) $24.00
    Skirt Steak (1 lb.) $5.00
    Ground beef (1 lb.)
  • O4dbieoef5mkuyzfcvn4

    Pork - Hippo Hollow Farms


    Beyond organic artisanal sausages

    Product (Choose 1)
    Italian Sausages $3.00
    Breakfast Sausage (links) $1.50
    Breakfast Sausage (patties)
  • M5rld5pkb38ae9pekj9c

    Poultry - Hippo Hollow Farms


    Beyond organic chicken and turkey.

    Product (Choose 1)
    Whole Chicken (4.5-5lb) $16.50
    Ground Turkey
  • Sfarqkatcbd6cyqvmhrt

    Lamb - Glendale Farm


    100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished Katahdin lamb from Glendale Farm in Columbia, TN. Ground lamb (1 lb. packs)

  • Zg6u5ga8ackqp0tgx3sc

    Noble Springs Dairy (cheese selections)


    Artisanal goat cheese from Noble Springs Dairy in Franklin, TN

    Product (Choose 1)
    4 oz. Chevre log (plain)
    4 oz. Feta block
  • J7lb0llxskhjowz0mleo

    Noble Springs Dairy (yogurt)


    Plain yogurt, 1 Quart

  • Wzp5j0n9bps3u1tvqxi2

    Organic Tempeh


    Hand crafted in Woodbury, Tennessee from organic, non-GMO beans and grain. When thawed, use within 3 days or re-freeze. (1 lb. packages)

    Vegan. Vegetarian.

    Product (Choose 1)
    ABC Tempeh Adzuki/Black Bean/Chick Pea/Millet Tempeh
  • Gw0ipmv8cg5hkh6jelug

    Wedge Oak Farm Artisan Sausages


    Sausages arrive frozen and can be thawed in refrigerator overnight or stored in the freezer until ready to use. (1 lb.)

    Sausage type (Choose 1)
    Bacon Cheddar Chive
    French Meatloaf
    Korean Ginger
  • Irsoeowxjdglvcpljh2h

    Sequatchie Cove Creamery (cheese selections)


    Each cheese is hand cut by The Bloomy Rind and packaged in 4 ounce wedges.

    Cheese (Choose 1)
    Cumberland (4 ounce)
    Shakerag Blue (4 ounce) $2.25
  • Attachment 1540352793.1812265 m  t image

    Wise Butter


    4 ounce tubs

    FLAVOR (Choose 1)
    White Chocolate Strawberry
    Smoked Shallot
    Honey Cinnamon
    Roasted Garlic Basil
    Lemon Rosemary
  • U7avwbdquehez1dd1cis

    Wild Alaska Salmon (Virgin Bay Seafood)


    Wild caught by our favorite Alaskan fishmonger, Mike Stoltz and Virgin Bay Seafood, Yukon salmon fillets/portions and Coho salmon burger can be delivered to your doorstep! 

    Product (Choose 1)
    2 fillets ( 6-ounce each) $2.00
    Salmon burger (1 lb.)
    Smoked Salmon $3.00
  • Jgdizmgto0lrgmiouqvm

    Brioche Pastries (Brightside Bakeshop)


    Available for Thursday delivery only, Brightside Bakeshop's delicious sweet & savory brioche pastries are perfect for your weekend brunch!

    Vegetarian. Family Favorite.

    QUANTIY (Choose 1)
    ½ DOZEN
    1 DOZEN $20.00
    FLAVORS (Choose 1)
  • Ykcoqsjno6wfudfcvxxw

    Olive & Sinclair Chocolate


    Small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate made right here in Nashville

    FLAVOR (Choose 1)
    ONE OF EACH (3 BARS)! $16.00
  • Zrwrrmjm6lhjywglzb0y

    Muse + Metta Kombucha


    Brewed in Chattanooga, a culture of health, art, and possibility in a single bottle of kombucha (4 bottles, 16-ounce each)

    Flavor (Choose 1)
    Mango/Chili/Saffron (4)
    Variety Pack (4)
    Nude (Plain)
    Pineapple/Holy Basil/Moringa
    Wild Blueberry/Lavender
  • Smgvkpxje8vm0y6ja68f

    Honest Coffee


    Be your own barista with locally roasted beans from Honest!

    variety (Choose 1)
    Dual Axes Blend
  • Vcgqhrlyak2s3dns6cuj

    Withco - Small Batch Cocktails


    Making cocktails as easy as (1) Pour (2) Add ice (3) Stir (4) Garnish!

    Cocktail (Choose 1)
    Sweater Weather
    Ellis Old Fashioned
    Hey Girl
  • Attachment 1530473854.6958559 m  t image

    Firepot Nomadic Teas - The Rituals Collection


    The Rituals Collection brings you strength of body, mind and spirit in plant-based organic tea sachets, combining potent plants and adaptogenic herbs into delicious blends.

    Tea (Choose 1)
    Elemental Energy
    House of Peace
    Temple of the Sun
    Sampler Pack
  • F03wios3efb3gfpuaaxk

    Masala Chai Concentrate


    Inspired by an ancient recipe from Northern India, Firepot's masala chai (meaning spiced tea) has won the hearts and captured the tastebuds of devotees for almost two decades. (32 oz. bottles)

  • Babzn7a3nvllbskvsp9y

    Fresh Pasta of the week from Nicoletto's


    Create your own pasta night with Nicoletto's just made, short cut pasta, sold by the pound and packaged in 1lb. boxes.

  • Pkrilcgnba7apl74qqrq

    Artisan Granola


    House made granola by MEEL using mostly organic ingredients and lightly sweetened with local honey. Makes an easy breakfast with local yogurt or nut milks and fresh fruit!

    size (Choose 1)
    8 ounce
    1 lb. $8.00
  • Qkofmcthmk0ygsth22u8

    Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars - Galena Garlic


    Our local “go to” for good olive oils with a high polyphenol count is Galena Garlic in East Nashville.

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Robust EVOO (for cooking)
    Mild EVOO (for salads/finishing)
    18-year Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
    Bourbon Maple Balsamic Vinegar
  • G3ja3ats6kjzch6dkr3s

    Blendtopia (smoothies)


    100% organic ingredients that make a nutritious breakfast or lunch as simple as pulling a bag out of the freezer.

    Variety Packs (Choose 1)
    4-pack $17.00
  • Dsfg21thux6ifyv0wl6u

    Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans


    Heirloom beans available in 1 lb. bags If you are unfamiliar with heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo, visit for more information.

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Ayocote Morado
    Midnight Black Bean
    Marcella (Tuscan White Bean)
  • Hk8bcgbfro6hgfaytvla

    Le Bar - Granola Bars


    Made with simple ingredients, gluten free, vegan, and without any refined sugars. Available in packs of 6 and will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 months.

  • Ukuocha5qhsehaoanfxn

    Spices (Hummus Chick)


    The Hummus Chick has sourced the best spices a Moroccan merchant can offer, picked a French bouquet of wonderfully balanced herbs and lavender flowers, and created a Persian spice blend that bursts with aromatic and floral notes. Sold individually or as a set of three.

    Variety (Choose 1)
    Herbes de Provence
    Trio of 3 spices
  • Attachment 1538930778.236992 m  t image

    Buffalo Jerky


    Made from American bison that roam and graze freely on the open prairie, Patagonia Provisions Buffalo Jerky tastes exactly as it should—pure, robust and delicious.

    Family Favorite. Keto. Gluten Free.

  • Attachment 1538931201.4054053 m  t image

    Savory Grains - Green Kale


    Patagonia Provisions Savory Grains mix is made with organic whole grains, quinoa, green kale and mushrooms for robust flavor and the nutritional power of vitamin D. Simply add boiling water, cover, ready in 10 minutes.

    Family Favorite. Vegetarian.

  • Attachment 1538931365.2199345 m  t image

    Black Bean Soup


    Patagonia Provisions Black Bean Soup mix combines dehydrated, organic black beans, veggies and spices for a hearty taste of the Southwest. High in protein, fiber and iron, this soup harnesses the nutrient power of legumes to fuel any activity from work and school to big-time summit attempts. It’s meat, gluten, and dairy free, and made only with certified-organic, non-GMO ingredients.

    Family Favorite. Gluten Free. Vegetarian.

  • Attachment 1538930894.1024203 m  t image

    Smoked Mussels


    Patagonia Provisions smoked mussels are slow-smoked with Spanish bay wood and packed in organic olive oil and mussel broth.

    Family Favorite. Pescatarian. Keto. Gluten Free.