From Nashville's local farms to your front door, let us help nourish you with food that is grown, raised, and made in our community. Our menu of MEEL Kits evolves with the seasons and is updated each month!
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This is the best plan for non-recurring orders, allowing you to shop for the items you need as you need them! Each Thursday morning, a text message will be sent prompting you to shop our weekly offerings and confirm your order before 5PM in just a few simple clicks.

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Our Weekly Order plan opens up one day before our One-time Order plan and is a recurring plan. The items in your cart will carry over from week-to-week so that you can quickly and easily confirm your order to have it reserved. Your cart can still be edited and adjusted as needed each week or "skipped" altogether in one simple click. This is the best plan if you have essential items you would like to ensure receiving from week to week (provision boxes with meat/produce/bread, dairy bundles, cheesemonger bundles, etc....) Each Wednesday morning, a text message will be sent prompting you to review, edit, and confirm your cart.

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