Add a Plan
  • Weekly Meal Subscription

    Customize meals, portion, upgrades and dietary preferences each week. Simple to skip, pause or cancel anytime!

  • Large Delivery Plan

    Orders with over more than 15 meals to a single location earn a larger discount!

  • Summer Detox Special: $25 per day

    Each day consists of 3 smoothie bags and 2 soups and about 1300 calories, 80-90g protein and 40-60g fiber per day.

  • Hybrid Detox Kit: $30 per day

    Detox with food: our hybrid detox comes with 1 entree, 1 soup, 1 salad and 2 smoothies per day.

  • Vegan Liquid Detox: $27 per day

    Detox through the power of liquid plants: our liquid detox comes with 3 soups and 3 smoothies per day.

  • Smoothies

    If you're not in the mood to pack your smoothies, let us do it for you! Your smoothie subscriptions comes with a minimum of 5 smoothies, which you can select each week. **It's super easy to skip, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.**

  • **Employees Only**

    Weekly Employee Incentive Meal Program