Add a Plan
  • Weekly Meal Subscription

    Customize meals, portion, upgrades and dietary preferences each week. Simple to skip, pause or cancel anytime!

  • Fat Loss Program

    4 Week Fat Loss Program! Bundled days + Coaching + Content for optimal and sustainable FAT Loss!

  • Large Delivery Plan

    Orders with over more than 15 meals to a single location earn a larger discount!

  • Hybrid Detox Kit: $30 per day

    Detox with food: our hybrid detox comes with 1 entree, 1 soup, 1 salad and 2 smoothies per day.

  • Beat the Bloat Liquid Detox: $27 per day

    Beat the holiday bloat and detox through the power of liquid plants: our liquid detox comes with 3 soups and 3 smoothies per day.

  • Smoothies

    If you're not in the mood to pack your smoothies, let us do it for you! Your smoothie subscriptions comes with a minimum of 5 smoothies, which you can select each week. **It's super easy to skip, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.**

  • **Employees Only**

    Weekly Employee Incentive Meal Program

  • Corporate Lunch Delivery

    Bring your busy team together with CCK Healthy Lunch Delivery Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday! Select any of our entrées to be packaged PARTY sized to serve about 12 people each. Order every week, or just when you want. Free delivery to downtown clients!