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    Holiday Detox Kit: $25 per day


    Our liquid detox is 100% plant based, gluten, and soy free and full of blended plants so your body has easy access to nutrient dense, high fiber soups and high protein smoothies.

    Each day consists of 3 smoothie bags and 2 soups and about 1300 calories, 80-90g protein and 40-60g fiber per day.

    Select the number of days you want by clicking the + number to the right.

    Vegetarian (May contain dairy or eggs). Vegan (No animal protein).

Select Add-Ons
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    Holiday Side Dish


    Delivered the week of 12/23 only: Headed to a holiday party and don’t want to sweat it out in the kitchen with all the sides? Not to worry, we’ve got your back! Order one or all of your holiday side dishes from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen! Serves 10.

    Vegan (No animal protein). Vegetarian (May contain dairy or eggs).

    Selection (Choose 1)
    Quinoa Stuffing
    Sweet Potato Medley
    Green Bean Casserole
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    CCK Reusable Cooler Bag


    Need your meals to stay cooler in transit? Order one of these and we'll pack your meals up in it and your meals can stay cooler up to 50% longer! Each bag easily holds 13 entrees.

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    CCK Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle


    These "glastic" water bottles come with the convenience of plastic with the purity of glass! They are shatterproof, eco-friendly, leak and BPA/Toxin Free! We expect to have them in inventory by mid-August. We didn't order that many, so secure yours and order now!