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Welcome to the Experience "HEALTHY Food CAN Taste GOOD!" Indulge in meals that are satisfying, while knowing each ingredient has been selected to keep inflammatory markers in check! To view nutritional information, pricing, or other details be sure to log-in to your account. NUTRITIONAL LABELS are located in the photo section. Simply click the photo and move the arrow. We are here to serve your dietary needs. if you are looking for a more specific diet that is not currently listed, please give Cornelius a call @ 903-520-4589. We look forward to serving you!

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Weekly New Entrees. (2-5 new entrees will be available each week.... specific diets may not apply)
2.If you need AIP, SIBO/Low FODMAP, Vegan, Metabolic Reset/no oil: When you order, hit "FILTER" and select your specific dietary plan to order.

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Need more portion size or have a family of 3-5? This store is perfect for you! Here, you can select entrees sized for a family of 3 or 5, save a little, and get Family Sized Desserts, too!

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