Running your business over text?

You need a work messenger.

"Why do I need a work messenger?"

You have clients. You love your clients.

But it sucks when they text you. Their messages are mixed in with your family's text thread. When you get a text at 8pm, you feel obligated to respond. When you're at the beach, you wish you could block all their texts.

A work messenger solves these problems.

"How does Bottle work?"

When you sign up, you get a Bottle phone number. This separates your work life from your personal life. You access all your client texts and calls using the Bottle app or website. Because it's a separate space for your business, a lot of possibilities emerge. You can:

"How does pricing work?"

Bottle will be the best money you've spent to focus on your business.
Starting at $16/month
Includes 1,000 texts. Each additional 1,000 texts is $20.
Unlimited seats · Unlimited calling · Pay-as-you-go
Enterprise plan
· API Access
· Custom integration solutions
· On-demand support
Free plan
· No dedicated phone number
· Bottle-to-Bottle messaging for free
· Great for clients and colleagues
No credit card required.
We offer a money-back guarantee.
If after 3 months you decide Bottle isn't for you, we'll give you your money back.
No questions asked.

"Who are you guys?"

We're Andy and Will. Andy lives in Atlanta. Will lives in Chicago. A few years ago, Andy hired Will to build some software. The rest is history.

We have been bootstrapping the business since April 2016, intentionally moving at a pace that feels right. We're small, but growing. 90,000 people have texted over Bottle, and we've cleared over $2,000,000+ in gross transactions.

We'd love for you to try out Bottle and tell us what you think. We think Bottle helps entrepreneurs focus on their businesses. And focus leads to stronger, saner, better businesses.

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