Menu for 20 Meals A Week - Weekly Recurring Order

Weekly Meals

Seasoned sweet potatoes with sauteed pepper and onions, served with 2 scrambled local free range eggs and bacon.

Grilled pasture raised chicken with apple, walnut, goat cheese, and our sweet and sour dressing on a bed of fresh local organic mixed greens.
C 18 P 30 F 16 Cal 336

Not your mommas meatloaf.... local grass-fed beef with almond flour, local free range eggs,tomatoes, sauteed peppers and onions, and some secret spices. Served with oven roasted vegetables.

C 16 P 32 F 23 Cal 399

Wild caught Alaskan Salmon with our house blackened seasoning served with garlic zucchini medley

C 9 P 32 F 10 Cal 254

Zucchini Stuffed with local pasture sausage, house marinara and parmesan cheese and served with roasted garlic vegetables.

C 21 F 14 P 26 Cal 314

Pasture raised chicken pan sauteed with cilantro, lime, garlic, and red onions served with mexi style green beans

C 14 P 30 F 24 Cal 392

Local free range eggs with pasture raised sausage, fresh spinach, fresh goat cheese, and local grass-fed whipping cream baked in cast iron

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