Menu for Golden Roots Kitchen

A warming, nourishing, and satisfying soup. Sprouted back beans (great for kidney health!) along with nutrient dense sweet potatoes create a creamy base, while jalapenos add a touch of heat and red bell peppers and lime brighten this soup while purple cabbage adds a little crunch. Yep, it's got it all!

Black Beans*, Sweet Potato*, Red Bell Peppers*, Red Cabbage*, Onion*, Celery*, Cilantro*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Jalapeno*, Garlic*, Cumin*, Oregano*, Cayenne*, Lime*, Kombu*, Bay Leaf*, Sea Salt, Black Pepper*. *Certified Organic Ingredient


Nutrient-dense baby kale and detoxifying raw radish are served with a classic Cesar dressing that's high in calcium, magnesium, iron, good fats, and protein. Croutons are made from garlic-infused potatoes and toasted pumpkin seeds. This salad brings the nutrients back to Caesar (optional sheep's milk Pecorino Romano)!

Baby Kale*, Radish*, Red Potato*, Garlic*, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds*. Dressing: Avocado Oil, Olive Oil*, Pasture Raised Egg Yolk*, Lemon*, Worcheshire, Wild Planet Anchovies, Dijon, Salt, Pepper.

Contains Dairy

This is a modified Ottolenghi recipe that really shines paired together. The meatballs feature lightly charred corn for deep flavor, fresh herbs and sprouted quinoa to help keep them moist and gluten free. These meatballs are bigger than our normal meatball size and are paired with a simple slaw.

Diestel Ground Turkey*, Corn*, Sprouted Quinoa*, Pasture Raised Egg*, Green Onion*, Parsley*, Cumin*, Garlic*, Avocado Oil*, Sea Salt. Sauce: Red Peppers*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Cilantro*, Red Cabbage*, Jalapeno*, Garlic*, White Wine Vinegar.


A classic combination of savory sauteed mushrooms and sweet onions, buttery potatoes and herbed goat cheese. A satisfyingly nutritious anytime meal.

Pasture Raised Eggs*, Fingerling Potatoes*, Baby Portabello Mushrooms*, Onion*, Cherry Tomatoes*, Goat Cheese, Pasture Raised Butter*, Chives*, Dijon, Sea Salt, Pepper*. *Certified Organic Ingredient


Whole grains and seeds are activated with a long soak to make them more digestible and nutrient available delivering you a moist and and hearty "bread" that toasts up well for a quick snack or bread substitute. 

Sprouted Rolled Oats*, Filtered Water*, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds*, Buckwheat*, Millet*, Sprouted Chia Seeds,* Sprouted Flax Seed*, Sprouted hemp seeds*, Psyllium Husks*, Olive Oil*, Maple Syrup*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Garlic*, Sea Salt, Black Pepper*. *Certified Organic Ingredient

Contains Grain

Packed with nutrients and protein from almonds and pistachios and brightened with fresh orange zest and cardamom. High in fiber and healthy fats these cookies are the perfect anytime snack or treat.

Rolled oats*, Almond flour, Baking powder, Cardamom*, Coconut oil*, EVOO*, Maple Syrup*,
Vanilla Extract, Sea salt, Orange Zest*, Raisins*, Pistachios.

Nutrient Dense and Flavor Driven

We are excited to be spicing up this recipe with local Lunar Tea Company's New Moon Blend which includes raspberry leaf, hibiscus, and chamomile. Hibiscus is naturally high in antioxidants (cancer fighting), is immune boosting (high in vitamins A, C and zinc), and lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure. A kick of ginger—great for digestion and for fighting inflammation—adds a spicy note, balanced by freshly juiced oranges and a bit of honey.

Lunar Tea Company New Moon Blend, Hibiscus Flower*, Honey*, Freshly juiced local Oranges*, Ginger*, Sea Salt.
*Certified Organic Ingredient

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